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Founded by the one and only DJ and producer Stranger Souma aka Soumaya Laghiti with her manager Sarra Marzguioui aka Geist in 2018, Casablanca, Morocco. 

Volubilian is the eclectic soul of electronic music in Morocco. As the ancient city Volubilis, it was created to stand tall and resist. To grow and evolve as the world moves on. But most of all, to protect and help individuals flourish and reach further than they might perceive. 

We believe in talent.

"Like shooting stars, talent is not meant to be kept and held prisoner. We do not own artists, we exchange and collaborate with them." 

Sarra MARZ.



Making the world a better place would be a major goal for our generation to make it more equal, safer, and more open for the next generations to thrive and go beyond their own limits. However, our goal is not to make the world a better place, but to help artists live better days. 

We offer the best advice an independent artist could get to start his career with confidence and passion. As very good listeners, our professional marketers and business managers guide artists through well-established career planning, coaching, and training courses. Enabling them to manage their own career and generate revenue from their art in the most autonomous way they could afford. 

Events & Music

Since the very beginning, the gatherings and the events organized by Volubilian were safe for all women. Providing a safe environment during an electronic music gathering has always been our first priority.

Our second priority is creating a safe ecosystem for all the women in the electronic music industry. We give women a chance to be heard, receive musical feedback from professional producers. We help promote and distribute their music to the world, or find the right people to help them reach their goals and explore their talent and producing capabilities. We do not only include women in our projects. Our projects are all created, worked on, then realized by ambitious, bold, and talented women. 

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