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Regent Bower (Original Mix)

Moments of melancholy with deep emotion and airy synths and ethereal vocals.
Artist: Paul A. George

Thawb (Original Mix)

Deep oud journey and rhythmic tribal percussion augmented with offbeat guitar stabs and hypnotic groovy bass-line.
Artist: Laurence Paul

Disciples Of Time (Original Mix)

Energetic Breakbeat treats for ears with emotional melodies.

Mahjour (Original Mix)

Mystical and mysterious show-stopper. A dark and hypnotic treat for the ears with a powerful ethnic vocal.
Artists: Marksman & Stranger Souma

Serta (Original Mix)

Organic grooves with ethnic house touch.
Artist: Stranger Souma & Purple Tape

Oasis (Original Mix)

‘Oasis’, is a bewitching introduction of the uprising Techno Producer Mazen Zidan. 

Artist: Mazen Zidan

Expansion EP (3 tracks)

Organic melodic escape of Expansion composed of 3 tracks.
Artists: Stranger Souma, Lucian Nagy, and Purple Tape

Everything I Wanted (Original Mix)

Melodic Techno cover of Billie Eilish’s Everything I Wanted.
Artist: Stranger Souma

Disorder (Original Mix)

Underground soundscape with progressive synths and tight groove.
Artist: Stranger Souma

Chalaba (Single)

Ethnic Gnaoua music from North Africa with psychedelic synths and Drum machines.
Artists: Numidian Dreams

Prototype (Original Mix)

Atmospheric mood and deep melodic feeling mixed with energetic acid synth.
Artist: Stranger Souma

Blue Room (Original Mix)

Melodic Tech House to bring a classic Ibiza feeling.
Artist: Stranger Souma

Taryet (Single)

Desert Blues music from North Africa with driving bass and atmospheric synths.
Artists: Tarwa N-Tiniri, Stranger Souma

HYAT EP (6 Tracks)

Ethnic Melodies and Electronic Ambient Sounds meet where the sun rises.
Artist: Stranger Souma, Lucian Nagy

Comfort Zone (Original Mix)

Progressive and cinematic arpegio, hypnotic bass line with a deep atmosphere.
Artist: Stranger Souma

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