Disciples Of Time


Disciples Of Time

“Disciples Of Time » is an emotional mix between nostalgia and hope. The energetic breakbeat touch combined to the stunning melodies leaves us to discover a new side of the french producer AUGUSTE. This song will take you to a magical place where time stops and emotions naturally bring the best out of the memories.

Beatport Exclusive: 02/08/2021

 Release date all stores: 16/08/2021






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Dj & Producer

AUGUSTE is a young Parisian DJ and producer. His musical signature is based off the harmonious combination of unique sound design and melodies which have inspired him throughout his career. Having lived in different countries, AUGUSTE enriched his experience on the international music scene.

The diversity in his productions and music collection is what sets AUGUSTE apart. From eastern inspired psychedelia to pounding prime-time techno, his tracks and mixtapes prove that he is one of the industry’s most creative and promising artists.

AUGUSTE’s upcoming projects will be found on Sirup Music. His captivating style will continue to push the boundaries of conventional musical genres and his future releases are not to be missed.

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